Shawna Sharee @ShawnaSharee

Do you really know what you want? More importantly, how you want to feel on a daily basis?

We are told to go to school, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids, be a model citizen, blah blah blah...

Even when you achieve those things you still feel somewhat unfulfilled. At the end of the day -- you crave something more.

I was waking up dreading going to work. 

I was in a relationship that looked good on paper and checklist, but had served its purpose and didn’t quite feel like magic anymore. 

I was an overachiever. I thought achieving would make me feel alive... And it did. For a day. Then I had to get my next fix because I was back at unfulfilled.

Are you just floating through life on autopilot like I was? 

I was an incredible college counselor - so helping others explore and figure out what they want is kind of my thing. I love nothing more than helping people discover what is going to make them satisfied.

BUT! There came a point when I realized I was settling -- and wasn’t doing what I had inspired hundreds of people to do. I wasn’t satisfied. Even though I had been going through the motions of life pretty good... I wasn’t fulfilled. 

I quit my job, got out of the relationship the same week, did the work on myself (And child it wasn’t a walk in the park), discovered what I really wanted, and have felt amazing.  

Even though when I first jumped... I had no clue how everything would turn out -- I knew there was more to life and I was worth the exploration.

I went on a solo adventure around the world for 7 months to Paris, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Kingdom of Bahrain, Laos, and Thailand. 

I feel free, on purpose, aligned, and I'm head over heels in love with myself and how I feel. 

I'm Shawna Sharee Hoard, and I revolted from the color by numbers life, and am determined to help you live the life YOU want no matter what it looks like to anyone else.

If I can live a life I love - SO CAN YOU!

*Drops Mic & Moonwalks off stage*