1-on-1 Strategy/Coaching Sessions 

Limited availability, not for the faint of heart.


You crave something more even though you’re doing okay by society standards. 

Something within you wants to take life to the next level. 


I can see the power within you, you sometimes can’t see yourself.

I won’t let you play by everyone else's rules - because that’s no fun. I’ll help you figure out what YOU want, desire, what to achieve, and how you want to feel... because who knows YOU better than YOU. You just have to dig deeper. 

I won’t tell you what you want to hear.

We will have a good time creating a plan so you start authentically feeling how you want to feel...

But to keep it real, I may be the only person in your life to call you out on your bullshit to get you there. I am not for the faint of heart. I will push you to consider things you haven’t. You won’t be waiting for that “perfect moment” you will be creating it once we are done.

The music is already there within you, you just aren’t tuned in. 

My Super Powers (can you see the S on my chest):

  • Uncovering what you really want
  • Uncovering what’s holding you back from the next level
  • Helping your cluttered mind focus on your deep dreams
  • Rebelling against the “shoulds”  in your life to follow the path your heart craves
  • Strategy, strategy, strategy
  • Figuring ish out overall... 

You will astound yourself if you are open, honest, like to smile, and are committed. My focus will be on you and your inner genius -- getting results in a personalized way. I don’t believe in a 1 size fits all approach.  

Sliding Scale - You pay what you can afford between $35-$75

*I have very limited availability. Once you purchase you will be directed to my online calendar to pick a date and time.

**While I am traveling there is a 5% chance I will not have last minute access to service. (Other countries have outages etc. sometimes) In the RARE event I have to reschedule our appointment because of unforeseen hiccups traveling... you will receive the rescheduled appointment AND an additional session free of charge. :)

If you want to deep dive on your own, consider purchasing the VIP All-in Bundle